kenagi academy of martial arts

Self Defence Classes in Southwater and Horsham

Kenagi self-defence classes

Self-defence classes are an excellent way to acquire the skills and confidence needed to protect yourself should the worst ever happen. 

Our lessons focus on reality-based situations, preparing you for what actually might happen, rather than what looks good on camera. We also prioritise a learning system that teaches self-preservation as an utmost priority.

Consistency is crucial in developing and maintaining self-defence skills. Regular practice will reinforce the muscle memory and help you to react more effectively in a threatening situation.

Self-defence is an ongoing process, a journey of continous learning and improvement. We offer self-defence classes for all, regardless of your confidence, mobility and ability.

We host a weekly self-defence class in Horsham, and for total peace of mind, also we offer private self-defence classes either at a venue we can organise or in the comfort of your own home.


Self Defence Lessons

Horsham Venue

Compton’s Lane,
RH13 5NW

Southwater venue

Church Lane,
RH13 9BT