The sport of Kickboxing first originated from America in the early 1970s, and was introduced to Europe by the P.K.A. - the first organised professional Kickboxing group in the world.

The Kenagi Academy is a full member of WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Organisations), which is the world governing body for kickboxing. Founded in 1970 WAKO is the largest unified kickboxing organisation in the World with over 80 nations currently in membership.

Kickboxing is exactly what it says: traditional boxing tactics merged with the added elements of spinning fists and kicks from karate. Your training is based on a progressive grading system up to black belt and coach qualification. Training lasts one hour and usually consists of two minute rounds of skipping, exercise, stretching, with impact work on focus pads for punches, kicking practice on shields, shadow sparring and stamina with rests between rounds.

We run friendly Kickboxing inter-clubs throughout the year for any students who wish to try their hand at the fighting side of the sport, but our policy is not to pressure students into fighting, we feel it is your choice. The majority of people, both male and female, who come to us are complete beginners. Some are very unfit, some are overweight and some are older, mature adults who just want to train, get fit, learn a skill or have an enjoyable hobby. Fighting competitions will always be an option for anyone to consider later on in his or her training.

The costs for our classes are detailed here Cost of classes:

 Juniors £6.50  Adults £7.50 PAYG, lessons are cheaper if paid monthly or prepaid cards. Please ask for details.

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