Following the right Path - The Kenagi Philosophy

At Kenagi we believe hard work and enthusiasm are key to results. Not limited to Karate or Kickboxing, this philosophy is a good foundation for life. Whether it's our approach to learning or how we interact with those around us, there are many skills we need to master to grow as individuals. Parents and Guardians have a part to play in this growth and whilst participating in the Kenagi academy, we encourage regular dialogue to ensure we work together to get the best for your child.

To help our students achieve and develop, we ask that everyone adopts the following core principles:

1. Timekeeping – We respect our time together and understand that being on time at classes is where this starts. We arrive ready to learn and give it our best attention whilst in the company of our classmates and instructors.
2. Attitude – Our openness to learn new techniques and methods is key to growth. At Kenagi we follow methods taught for over 100 years but there is always room for growth and knowledge. We ask our students to embrace this mindset when attending classes.
3. Respect – This principle is core to the Kenagi way of life. We respect our environment, our parents/guardians and our peers. Kenagi staff can only show the way, our students have to take this on board and participate to get the best out of our time together.
4. Inclusivity – Karate, Kickboxing and any martial art are open to all. Physical size, strength or ability are not a barrier to success. We ask our students to get involved as much as they can at our sessions to get the most out of them regardless of their ability.
5. Feedback – If a student or parent/guardian has a concern, worry, or just want to chat – we are always here. You can find our direct number and email on all pages of the Kenagi website. We are also happy to speak at the end of each session if you would like to discuss things in person. Without feedback we cannot grow together – do not hesitate to speak to us!

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