Getting back to the 'new normal' & staying safe

The Coronavirus Pandemic has affected everyone in some way. Thankfully everyone within our 'family' has remained fit and well and are able to return to classes. Now, Kenagi has a responsibility to do all we can to ensure we provide safe and secure training classes to all of our students, from those who have been with us for years, to those just joining us.

Changes to classes

As of the 25th of July, the Government has stated that we can resume training classes, but there are additional measures we must follow in order to keep our students safe. 

If you've attended classes previously, you'll notice some changes to the class structure designed to reduce contact and maintain social distance. If you're new to Kenagi, here's an outline of some of the measures in place that you can expect.

Train at home with a personal session

We're doing all we can to make our classes safe. But, if you'd prefer to stay at home or simply looking for personal training sessions with a difference, why not learn Martial Arts at home? 

From just £35 per hour (dependant on location), Sensei Brian Redman, who has been teaching Karate and Kickboxing for more than four decades, will come to your home and help you to learn Martial Arts. 

Contact Kenagi about personal training.

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