Children's classes

Kenagi Academy is proud to offer outstanding children's karate and Kick Boxing in Horsham and Southwater also Storrington area. Children as young as five years old are invited to join the Wado-Ryu Karate/Kick Boxing/Self-Defence club, offering an excellent way to combine the benefits of fun with exercise.

For older children and teenagers, Kenagi Academy's range of martial arts classes provide a fantastic way to develop fitness, focus and stamina as students progress on their journeys from a simple white belt beginner to a strong, disciplined and skilled black belt.

With Wado-Ryu Karate and Kick Boxing in Southwater and Horsham also Storrington. Monday to Saturday, children and their parents have a range of times and class options to choose from - making Kenagi Academy's timetable just as flexible as its students.


Benefits of Childrens's Karate and Kick Boxing/Self-Defence Martial Arts Classes:

From children to teenagers, Kenagi Academy offers something for all of its younger students. Learning martial art is an excellent way to improve fitness levels, develop strength and build muscle - whilst also increasing concentration levels and the ability to focus on the task at the same time.

The ability to concentrate for longer periods of time can then be applied when in the classroom at school or even when completing homework, making martial arts an incredibly useful sport. What's more, through regular training sessions, children develop confidence and important social skills as they experience new challenges alongside their peers. Students can make firm friends thanks to Kenagi Academy's welcoming and friendly atmosphere, and fun social outings such as bowling and theme park days are a regular part of club life.

Settling into a large, serious martial arts group can often be a little daunting for little ones. It's very different from the usual football or dance lesson, and so Kenagi Academy encourages parents as much as possible to attend classes for themselves from the very beginning of their child's journey. This way, it makes the Kenagi Academy experience a family adventure for everyone - and helps ease young children into the sport in a comfortable way that won't leave them feeling overwhelmed.

Kenagi Academy prides itself on its fantastic community spirit as joining the club is like joining a family. Even if parents are not able to train alongside their children, they are reassured that beginners of any age will always feel welcomed and nurtured in a positive, friendly manner as they train at Kenagi Academy.

For more information, please contact a member of the team through our Contact Kenagi Academy page. The club is always happy to chat about classes and the benefits of karate for children and adults so please get in touch.

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