Adult classes

One of the best things about training at the Kenagi Academy is that karate is suitable for students of all ages and skill levels mums and dads (the whole family).

Training can begin at any age and thus adult classes offering mixed martial arts in Horsham Southwater and Storrington which are an extremely popular option for those looking to take up a new hobby or develop their fitness in a more unique way. Karate/Kick Boxing offers an excellent way to improve fitness, increase stamina, build muscle, lose weight and most importantly, block out the pressures of daily life with even just an hour a week of training.


Benefits of Karate for Self Defence

Parents are encouraged to attend classes alongside their children thanks to Kenagi's fantastic family friendly atmosphere.

Kenagi Academy also offers Self Defence in Horsham/Southwater and Storrington for  students looking to learn ,self defence techniques, for those seeking to learn simple but incredibly useful self-protection skills. Private lessons/Team building/Company event sessions. Call for details today 07711 987672 or email

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